5 Qualities Of Your Cupcake That Makes it Unique

Cupcake, as the name suggests, is a cake made to serve a single person. It is easier to make than a cake but one still needs to follow a proper procedure to make it. A cupcake is baked in small thin aluminium foil along with frostings on the top. Though cupcakes are easier to make, a lot can go wrong if not followed the procedures properly. There is no specific reason why you should eat cupcakes or when you should eat them. To celebrate smaller occasions a cupcake is the best choice. To make a cupcake properly one needs to follow the complete guide of making it. Though cupcakes are smaller in size they are rich in taste. To bring such taste in your cupcake you need to be specific with the measurement of your ingredients. The best cupcake is the one which is rich in flavor, taste and aroma. If you learn to make the best cupcakes, you make a business out of it. In the article, you will learn how to customize your cupcakes and how to store them to keep them fresh.

Customize your cupcake:

By using the following recipe you can follow your favourite type of cupcake. Cupcakes, in general, can be soft, spongy, flavorful, moist or rich. You can further customize them but these are the basic ones you need to prepare first.

Soft cupcakes

For this, you need to substitute the half of the real all-purpose flour with cake flour. If you increase the quantity, the cake may be crumbly and dry.

Rich and Moist

For this, you need to add an egg yolk or some other egg in the recipe to make it slightly chewy and rich. This way the cake will also become moist and you can later add a generous frosting.

Extra flavor

Add milk or buttermilk in the recipe to make it flavorful. You can also add sour milk to give it a tangy flavor. Sour creams also help in making the cupcake thicker and chewier.

Baking cupcakes beautifully:

While cupcakes might be flavorful without decoration, they are not appealing to eyes. People might not get attracted at first glance by looking at undecorated cakes. Hence, when you have completed the basic process, you can decorate your cupcake. However many bakers face problems when their cupcakes end up being flat or even worse. Sometimes it is the fault of the recipe or fault of users who make the cakes extra moist full. Too much moisture in the cake can make it collapse. Below is a step by step guide on how to make the perfect cupcakes. All you need is to bake the cake properly. Though beginners might face difficulties following the steps below can help you make the perfect cupcake.

Before learning the steps, know what you will be doing in short

You need to start with a higher temperature and then slow down eventually. For the first 5 minutes, you need to maintain a 400-degree Fahrenheit temperature. Then 350 degrees for another 15 minutes till your cupcake is ready as per the recipe. Make sure that the tin is filled with 3/4th batter. Though this is what you need to do, below tricks will help you do it efficiently.

Measuring the ingredients

Weight of all the ingredients must be accurate hence you must keep a kitchen scale with you. A dry cupcake means too much flour. To avoid this use volume measurement i.e cup vs weight. Fill your container with flour and then spoon it in the measuring cup. Remove the excess by scraping from the edges.

Correct temperature-

Make sure the ingredients you are using are at room temperature before using. Especially if butter and eggs should be at room temperature before using. After putting everything in an oven, monitor the temperature of your oven using an oven thermometer. This step is important as most of the ovens are not accurate with temperature readings.

Follow the recipe-

Follow the recipe like you have seen it for the first time. If you try to manipulate the ingredients or its quantities, you might spoil the final result. Writers who write recipes spend a lot of time researching it. Hence, they are accurate and guaranteed to give you the best result. However, if you are aware of the recipe you can change it accordingly.

The freshness of ingredients-

Obvious step it is, as spoiled ingredients will not only spoil the taste of your cupcake but might also harm the one eating it.

Bake and Decorate your cupcake:

Cupcakes need to be baked to perfection. Banking cakes beautifully and leaving them to stick to liners can spoil the entire thing. You can use greaseproof baker’s liner and spray on a nonstick pan which will prevent the cupcakes from getting stuck in the pan. Remove the cupcakes as soon as they are out of the oven. Steams from the residual heat can also make the cupcakes stick to liners. Once everything is ready, you can add buttercream frostings to make the cupcake look delicious and appealing. Butter frosting is also one of the best options one can have for their cupcake. Whenever you do frosting you cannot expect a pure white color from it. To frost, you can use the technique of shortening which means frosting without melting the shape of the cupcake.

For all the beginners, you must practise the art of frosting on parchment paper before doing on the cupcake. Decorating a cupcake involves many things such as choosing the correct piping, using proper food coloration, using a coupler and more. However, there is a proper tip and trick to use all of these. One can read a complete manual on how to decorate a cupcake properly.

Cupcakes can be made on occasions or even casually. You can make cupcakes to be better at them or to gift it to someone. Whatever be the reason, you need to be perfect at it first. Hence, follow the tips mentioned in the article and have gratitude for the same.


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