All The Ways You Can Use To Bake Moist Cupcakes From Scratch

Who does not like cute little creatures on our plate of desserts? The tiny and colorful cupcakes with beautiful frosting on the top make the table look so pretty that you will want to eat every piece of it. Cupcakes are perfect for every occasion. You dress them, fill them in and out, decorate them with beautiful frosting, and top them with cherries and colors. Just the thought of baking them gives immense pleasure. Any home baker would always start from cupcakes while starting his journey on the road of baking.

Cupcakes make every flavor worth it from chocolate to strawberry and black forest to the amazing red velvet. Apart from the flavors and frosting, it is the fluffy texture and moisture which makes cupcakes extra special. Fluffy and moist cupcakes are loved by all but how to get them, that is the trick!

An insight:

This article below would tell you everything you need to know while baking cupcakes. You can always find recipes and ingredients and even their substitutes but you need to the science of cupcakes in depth. You should know how to prepare, mix, portion, stuff, bake, cool, frost, and garnish our cute little cupcakes for them to look and taste perfect.

When you enter baking, you will need to learn from the basics to advanced. You will be told every technical detail possible and the super lengthy recipes which you are not to forget. However, with cupcakes, you are required to learn the basic techniques and tadaaa! you’re ready with some perfect cupcakes in your hands and some in your belly.

Tips on Baking Moist Cupcakes from Scratch:


If you think substitution would work and no one will know, WRONG!! Ingredients are the soul of a recipe, playing with them will only ruin them for good. So, the very first thing you need to know is always to use relevant ingredients. The taste with pure vanilla extract and cocoa powder is nowhere around cupcakes with fake ingredients. A basic reason people go with fake ingredients is budget. So, if you’re tight on a budget just prioritize your ingredients.

So, after you get sorted with ingredients just bring them to room temperature. If you use eggs or milk directly out from the fridge they would not mix and create lumps. Frozen butter would also take time to melt and it would only overmix the batter. Some ingredients might not bind well and it would cause the cake to be less fluffy and moist.

Do Not Over Mix:

You know why is it said that cooking is an art and chefs’ artist? Because they know every bit of it. A new baker would first be taught to mix the batter. It should not be very thick or very flowy. It should be perfect. Just Perfect! A roughly mixed batter would result in a cracked cake and no proper structure. If overmixing is restricted, undermixing is a crime in jail of baking because it would make the cake gluten-free which means no fluff.

Fill-in the Equal Amount:

The most difficult task is to place the cupcakes in the oven and get perfectly baked cupcakes all at once. The trick to do this is to fill an equal amount of batter in each filling. It is so disheartening when you pull out your tray of cupcakes and see half of them overcooked and half still raw. Taking care of quantity is more important in cupcakes than a cake because we have to fill different cups while in cake everything happens at once.

It Is All About the Temperature:

As home chefs, we know how important is to pre-heat the pan or cooker while cooking because on unprepared utensil the food will take food time to cook and still have chances to be raw. This also happens in the case of baking. So, it is important to pre-heat the oven and then manage the temperature of baking. Otherwise, the batter would create a mess only!

The most important factor is always to bake in the center of the oven. This will ensure that heat is spread properly and good airflow. The main reason it is advised to bake in the center is to ensure there is no overcooking. Also, try to manage to urges to sneak peek until the baking is done fully. Closing the door tightly would kill the air bubbles and rushed opening after the timer would let all the air in and disrupt the temperature.

Ingredient Substitutes That Will Help for Good:

  • Butter instead of oil would make softer cupcakes.
  • A pack of pudding instead of pudding batter would work well.
  • Replace white sugar with brown sugar for a healthier substitute.
  • Cake flour would be better instead of whole purpose flour.

After We’re Done Baking:

After you’re done baking there are majorly three things that you’re required to do.

  • Do not let cupcakes sit in the tray for long

After the cupcakes get baked properly you’re required to let them cool a while and then take out the cupcakes from the tray immediately. This is required to prevent the overcooking because of the heat of the tray.

  • Store the cupcakes properly

The advice to store cupcakes would be a big airtight Tupperware so that it prevents to let the extra moisture in. Always remember cupcakes freeze well. So, you can also pack them in airtight bags and freeze for some time.

  • The frosting is needed

The trick to retaining its moisture is to frost. No one likes dry cupcakes. They should just melt inside the mouth immediately. You are required to seal the top of the cupcake so that it will retain moisture for long.

While baking do not forget that you’re practicing art and to be better you have to fail. No artist makes a masterpiece at the first trial. So, to bake a perfect tray of cupcakes you will need patience and skills. Following the tricks will help and learning the basics of baking is necessary.


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