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There are varieties of foods that we consume in breakfast, lunch, dinner, and deserts. Different foods are included under different categories but when it comes to cakes and sweet dishes, it is a must after every dinner or lunch. But among sweet dishes, cakes are an important thing that can be consumed either after food or at any other time. Cakes are a favorite snack item for people of all ages. Cakes are smaller in size as well as bigger in size. Small-sized cakes are known as cupcakes, muffins, and bigger sizes of cakes that are used for different celebrations. Cupcakes are of various flavors and colors.

How to make cupcakes at home?

The process of baking cupcakes is and can be prepared within half an hour. Cupcakes are so delicious that it needs to be baked with love and care. For preparing cupcakes, there are some ingredients needed which includehalf-cup flour, three-fourth tablespoon baking powder, one cup sugar, half cup oil, half teaspoon vanilla extract, two eggs, half cup milk, and you can also use one tablespoon yogurt but it’s optional. You can easily store cupcakes for a maximum of a week but prefer to use it within 2-3 days of baking. You can easily store the delicious cakes in the fridge for about seven days but it hardens and get spoiled. You can bake the cupcakes by following certain steps. The preparation process of the cupcake is as follows-

  • Pre-heat the oven for 180-degree centigrade or 350 Farhenite.
  • Mix the baking powder and flour in another bowl.
  • In another bowl, add in two eggs, and beat it with a hand mixer or whisker until it becomes fluffy with a stiff peak.
  • Then beat in sugar and oil until it becomes creamy, and add yogurt if you want.
  • To make sure everything is well combined, use a spatula or a big spoon to scrape the flour on edge and combine it with the batter.
  • Choose a cupcake pan of your choice, then place the cupcake molds over it and slowly fill the molds half with the batter because when it will be baked, it will rise and become fluffy.
  • Put the cupcake pan in the oven and bake at 350 Farhenite or 180 centigrade for 20 minutes until it turns brown on top.
  • Remove the pan and let the cupcakes sit for 10-15 minutes to let them cool down, then slowly remove the cupcakes from the molds to prevent any type of cracks. You can enjoy the cupcakes with any beverage or can store it for kids to enjoy it anytime.

Tips to bake a perfect cupcake

While baking a cupcake, you need to take care of some important tips to bake a perfect cupcake. The following are the important things which you should keep in mind while baking the cupcakes-

  • Pre-heat the oven at the right temperature

Pre-heating is the first and important part of the process of baking a cupcake. The oven should be pre-heated at 350 Farhenite before the cupcakes go into it. Taking care of this step helps the cupcakes to evenly bake.

  • Fill the batter in the cupcake mold half

Always fill the mold half with the batter because this will help in the preparation of a soft and spongy cake with a perfect shape. If you stuff the batter more than it may not be baked perfectly.

  • Don’t stuff the cake molds in the cupcake pan

This step will help the heat and air to circulate throughout the oven thereby making a proper soft cupcake. Make sure to leave a space of some inches between each mold.

  • Don’t overbake the cupcakes

You don’t need to bake the cakes more than 15 to 20 minutes because it may become hard when it keep it in the oven for more time. Insert a toothpick after 15 minutes, if the toothpick gets out to dry then the cupcakes are ready but if itcomes out with some chunks then let it sit in the oven for more 3-5 minutes.

  • Let the cupcakes cool after taking out from the oven

When the cupcakes are perfectly, carefully remove the cupcake pan from the oven and then let it sit for 10-15 minutes to cool down. This step helps the cupcakes to hold the shape of the molds correctly while it is cooling. Then after carefully demould the cupcakes. The reason for this step is that when you remove the cakes from the oven they are completely hit and hard to touch and if you try to take it out then it may break apart.

  • Use the frosting when the cake is completely cool

If you grease the buttercream on the cakes too soon, then it may melt as the cake might be hot. If you don’t want to add frostings, then store the cupcakes in an airtight container to keep it fresh and prevent spoilage.

Mistakes to avoid while baking cupcakes

Certain mistakes need to be avoided while baking cupcakes. The following are the mistakes that should be taken care of while preparing cupcakes-

  • Don’t use dairy products when they are cold

Always milk, yogurt, and other dairy products when in room temperature because if these are in room temperature, it traps the air and forms an emulsion. While baking the air expands and helps to cake to be

  • Don’t let the oven door stay open

When the oven door is open, the outer air enters in and reduces the temperature which prevents the proper baking of the cupcakes. Maintain a perfect oven temperature for 15-20 minutes.

  • Check the expiry date of all ingredients used

Use fresh ingredients for making a perfect cupcake. Check out the expiry date of each product and prevent using lots of baking powder or soda because these have negative health effects.

Kids demand cupcakes frequently but the main headache of parents is how to prepare it? The cupcakes are generally baked, hence are a healthy option to remove your kid’s cravings. This can be a healthy substitute for junk foods. There are certain which should be followed and some to be checked while baking cupcakes to bake a perfect one.


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