Learn The Ways To Turn Summer Fruit Into Dessert

The summer season is probably known for a lot of things. But, it is mostly known for its extremely scorching heat. This heat is intolerable and people find various ways to beat this impossible summer heat. People need to feel refreshing all the time because of all the energy they are losing because of sweat. Now, fruits are something that can be very refreshing. People tend to either eat fruits or drink fruit juice to feel fresh whenever they go outside. However, your family and your kids need to feel the same at home. The best way to do that is by turning your favorite summer fruits into a delicious dessert.

Why Considering Making Desserts With Fruits?

There are different varieties of summer fruits that you can relish in this season. If you are a baker and love to bake for your friends and families, then summertime can give you plenty of fruits to turn into desserts. Some of these summer fruits that you can turn into delicious desserts include watermelon, mango, papaya, guava, strawberry, plum, pineapple, litchi, kiwi, and others.

Fruits are considered to be the healthiest ingredient that you can out into your dessert. Not only that, but they are also natural sweeteners that most people like to bake with. Every baker knows this as a fact that fruits and desserts go hand in hand. You can practically turn any fruit into the most desirable dessert ever. You can bake any type of dessert with the different summer fruits mentioned above. Once you have made a dessert of your choice with your most favorite fruit, you can relish them sitting with your family and friends.

15 Ways To Turn Summer Fruits Into Dessert

Let us now directly dive into the main part of this discussion. Given below are the 15 easy ways you can use to turn your favorite summer fruits into desserts. These dessert ideas are the simplest to make and quickest to bake.

  • Jam It Up

Jams are not season-specific. People love having this dessert all time of the year. It is the easiest to make jam. Take any summer fruit of your choice. You do not need to bake jam and simply cook it with sugar or honey. You can have jam with either your toast or layer with any other dessert.

  • Scream For Ice-creams

Ice-creams are summer favorites. All you need to do for that is take any fruit of your choice and make a smooth puree. Mix that fruit puree with whipped cream and sugar. Refrigerate the mixture, take it out the next day, and voila you can get your favorite ice-cream with your favorite fresh summer fruit.

  • Poach Your Summer Fruit

Poaching your fruits and having them with any side-dessert can go very well together. Peaches are often poached with a little bit of sugar and served with either whipped cream or a raspberry coulis. This is one of the easiest desserts that you can make under 30 minutes for your family.

  • Bake A Delicious Fruit tart

Fruit tarts are delicious to have. Though tarts can be a little tricky to bake perfectly, the fresh fruits on top of the tart can be quite refreshing and easy to put. It is a crunchy dessert to enjoy during the summer afternoons.

  • Grill Your Fruits

We have often heard about grilling vegetables and meat, but grilling fruits are now the newest thing. It will have the same charred effect on the fruits as it has on vegetables or meat. It is less sweet and quick to make. Try them sometime.

  • Layer It on a Fruity cake

Baking a sponge cake in an oven would not take much time and are quite tasty. But, what if you make it even more flavored by adding your favorite summer fruits. Your family and kids would love that additional punch of fresh fruits.

  • Bake A Summer Fruit Cupcake

Cupcakes are quite popular these days. These are small but quite appetizing. You can add any fruit with the whipped cream to layer it on the cupcake. You can also add chunks of any good summer fruit with the cupcake batter.

  • Mix Your Fruits With A Dip

If you are thinking of making a dip for your poached or grilled fruits, then add some other small cubes of fresh summer fruit. These can be quite interesting to eat and not take a long time to whip it up.

  • Bake A Fruit Bread

Have you ever had a fruit bread? They are quite interesting, delicious, and full of surprises. You can put any type of summer fruit inside the bread. You can add any fruit juice to soak the stale bread in it.

  • Add Berries To Your Pie Crust

Berries are sweet, sour, and salty. They are packed with a lot of flavors. If you are baking a pie crust, then there is nothing better than adding berries on top of it. You can use the berries in any form possible.

  • Pair any dessert with a Coulis

Coulis are extremely refreshing and go very well with any kind of dessert that you have prepared for your family. You can serve a thick raspberry coulis or a strawberry coulis with your poached fruits and relish them.

  • Make A Fruit Custard

Fruit custards are a delicious dessert. You can make an easy custard at your home in just 15 minutes. After you are done making the custard, you can add fresh summer fruits of your choice and mix it properly.

  • Fresh Fruit Skewers

These are probably the easiest to make, out of all the other desserts mentioned above. Just take regular skewers and freshly cut different fruits. Put all those fruits on the skewers and dip it in a whipped cream dip. You can also out sugar granules or honey on the fruits and relish them.

  • Add Fruits To whipped Cream

Whipped Cream goes hand in hand with every dessert that you love. But, have you ever tried a fruit-flavored whipped cream or whipped cream topped with a lot of summer fresh fruits. You can either use it as a dip, side dish, or as a topping.

  • Make¬† Quick Fruit Mousse

Mousse is a creamy, thick, bo-bake dessert. This dessert is quite filling and refreshing at the same time. Mousse is easy to make and requires no hard work at all. You can make a mango mousse or pineapple mousse to beat this scorching summer heat.

Summing up!

Hurry and check all these delicious and easy to make recipes online for your guidance. It is guaranteed that you will like each of these desserts sitting right at home and enjoying them with your family after a whole-hearted dinner. These recipes do not require any hard work. You can think of any other delicious desserts that you should most definitely try.


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