Which Type of Stove is Best for Your Kitchen?

Choosing a kitchen stove is an important decision with many factors involved. Most people use their stove at least once a day so it’s important to make the right decision for you. This will depend on many things like your cooking habits and your lifestyle. People have different needs for their stove from being a passionate cook who’s invested in cooking that has different food demands so needs to be able to cook many things, or if you have less time in your lifestyle to spend on cooking you may want a stove that is easy to clean to give yourself extra time for other things. When choosing a stove, it’s also important to make sure the one you choose fits into space in your kitchen so make sure you take precise measurements before purchasing a stove.

Electric Stove

Electric cookers have two different types; electric coil stove and electric smooth stove. Electric coil stoves are perfect for anyone who is on a budget as they tend to be the cheapest option, or for anyone with a young family or are just messy themselves. They are extremely resilient so you can scrub up any mess without worrying about potential damage. They’re also suitable for anyone who uses cast iron pans as they’re tough enough to handle, unlike other less resilient stoves. Electric smooth stoves have a glass top and are good for anyone who wants to spend as little time as possible cleaning up after they’ve cooked. As they’re usually made from glass it’s important to know how to choose cookware for a glass top stove as a lot of cookware will cause damage to the surface and leave scratches.

Induction Stove

Induction stoves tend to be more expensive than electric stoves so always take this into account when making your decision. However, many people think they’re worth spending the extra money on as there is no open flame and no hot surface that needs to cool down. This is ideal for anyone who may forget to turn their stove off or anyone with young children who could potentially get hurt. The newer technology involved in creating the induction stove means that heat is only created on the stove when in contact with induction cookware making it an extremely safe stove. This also adds to the costs of the induction stove as you’ll also have to purchase new induction cookware with it.

Gas Stove

Gas stoves are one of the most popular stoves as they are extremely versatile. As soon as you turn on your gas stove you straight away have a constant flame, this flame is visual which makes it easier to tell how hot it is and allows you to change temperature easily. The flames on a gas stove allow you to cook food not only quicker but also more evenly. While gas stoves are generally quite expensive to initially purchase, they are cheaper to operate than other stoves so if a gas stove is more appealing to you but the price puts you off remember to also take this into account. Gas stoves are particularly ideal for anyone who lives in an area with unpredictable weather that can often cause power outage as you’ll still be able to prepare food with your gas stove. When deciding what stove is best for your kitchen it’s also a good idea to remember that gas stoves can be dangerous, if it’s left on and unlit then the stove is just releasing gas into the air which could cause problems.


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