November 7th, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call ahead and place an order for cupcakes?

Absolutely! We love preorders! They help us plan our baking for the day. Give us a call anytime during business hours seven days a week. All of our friendly helpful staff members can help you with your order at 503-222-4404.

How many do I need to order if I am calling ahead?

It’s up to you! If you just want to be sure that we have one jumbo red velvet for you at 8pm on a Thursday night, that’s ok with us. Just call and we’ll set it aside. If you want a dozen of anything, feel free to call ahead. It isn’t required but it is helpful. If you want 2 dozen or more, call as far ahead as possible. We are SUPER FLEXIBLE and if it is humanly possible for us to fill your order, we’ll do it.

How far ahead should I call?

We don’t have a required lead time or a minimum order size for preorders. If we can make it happen, we will! So call us as soon as possible and we’ll work your order into our baking schedule. We are your cupcake emergency headquarters.

How many cupcakes should I order for a party of ten people (or 20 or 500)?

If you want Jumbo ones, usually one per person is just great. For minis, we recommend two to three per person. We recommend that you err on the side of more versus less; not because we want you to buy more but in our experience, people eat more than you’d think when it comes to cupcakes. Really, we’re not pulling your leg. Besides, there are worse things than having leftover cupcakes to share later!

What if I want a specific cupcake on Friday, or Monday or Wednesday?

We offer 16 cupcakes every day,  including three that are vegan AND gluten free. We are super flexible and we understand that sometimes you want your favorite cupcake for your special day like a birthday or a wedding. So you can order any of our cupcakes on our entire monthly menu any day of the week. All we ask is that you order two dozen of a flavor if it isn’t on our menu for that day. We do need a little advance notice to make sure we have all the ingredients on hand so let us know as soon as possible.

Do you deliver?

Absolutely! We deliver 7 days a week. We try to use Car2Go for our deliveries! We will deliver for a $15 fee and no minimum order. Additional fees may apply for deliveries outside of Portland. Give us a call and we’ll let you know how much it would be.

How do you deliver?

To reduce our carbon output, gas consumption, usage of parking spaces in the city, and our effect on the environment, we use Car2Go whenever possible for our deliveries. Most of our employees use public transportation or ride bikes to commute to work. We are then able to use Car2Go for errands, shopping, and for our deliveries as well.

Can I have a specific color for my icing?

We don’t use food coloring for any of our cupcakes (except Red Velvet). As a more natural alternative we flavor icings with berries like strawberries (light pink) raspberries (darker pink) marionberries (light purple). If you’d like to add some color, consider a cupcake stand with matching ribbon.

Do you write on cupcakes?

Sorry, but the way we decorate them doesn’t lend itself well to writing on them. We can, however, put a fondant letter, number, or other cutout on top. It is an elegant way to dress them up even more and make them your own. The additional charge for these is 50¢ per letter/number/cutout shape if they are all the same.

How long will my cupcakes last? Do they need to be refrigerated?

Our cupcakes should be stored refrigerated, served at room temperature, and consumed within 24 hours of your purchase. We recommend that you enjoy your cupcakes as soon as possible after your purchase to ensure the freshest possible cupcakes. However, if you can’t eat them right away, they should be refrigerated as soon as possible (within an hour). It helps to wrap the box in plastic wrap to limit air flow which dries out the cake.

Many of them our cupcakes have pastry cream filling which is perishable and needs to stay cold. Some of our icings and fillings don’t require refrigeration so if you need something that will keep a little longer, or that doesn’t require refrigeration, ask us to make a recommendation.

If you do refrigerate your cupcakes, take them out of the refrigerator at least an hour (minis) or two (for jumbos) before you are going to serve them. This allows the buttercream icing to get back to room temperature. Allow a little longer if it is colder in the room.

Remember that buttercream frosting is mostly butter and will melt if it sits in the sun or in your car, even if it’s chilly outside.

Do you have cupcake stands?

We sure do! We have a few options. Disposable cardboard stands are available for purchase. We can decorate them for you as well. We also have glass stands that you can rent from us. Call for details, pricing, and deposit requirements on these services.

Do you do weddings?

We love to help plan your day and find a way to make your cupcakes your own. Call us to set up your wedding consultation. We have lots of service options to choose from and we love to customize. It’s your day, after all! You can call us anytime to talk about your options.

If I want a specific flavor, should I come in early that day to be sure you don’t run out?

Nope! We bake and decorate here during all of our open hours so that we virtually never run out of the flavors on our menu for the day. Occasionally, someone will walk in and purchase all of the cupcakes that we have decorated (seriously this happens now and again) but we immediately start baking and decorating more so we can catch up. When this happens we aren’t out for the rest of the day, just for a short time.

Can you donate something to our school auction / fundraiser / non profit event?

We believe in supporting the community that supports our business. We get LOTS of requests and we grant as many as we can. All we ask is that you send us your request in writing and include a deadline date. Email

What do you do with your leftover cupcakes?

Every evening we save our unsold cupcakes and donate them to Blanchet House, a nearby service agency for the homeless. Check out the great work that they do at

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Absolutely! We sell them in any denomination. Drop in or give us a call.

Is Cupcake Jones a chain?

Nope, but it is the lifelong dream of Lisa’s to own her own business and cupcakes seemed to be the perfect thing to sell! So while we would love to sell cupcakes in your home town, for now we are sticking around here and doing our best to fulfill the needs of cupcake lovers in P-town. You never know where we might end up!

Do you really make everything there in the bakery?

Yup! Not only do we bake everything from scratch, we also fill, ice, and decorate everything in our tiny little bakery. We make almost all of our garnishes from scratch as well. At different times of year you’ll find us making things like hand candied rose petals, white chocolate “pearls”, fresh grated dark chocolate, marshmallows, chocolate chip cookies, strawberry jam, gingerbread cookies, cinnamon sugar pie crust cookies, mint sandwich cookies, our own “oreo” style sandwich cookies, and our own graham crackers among dozens of other handmade garnishes.

Do you bake vegan / dairy free /  gluten free / eggless cupcakes?

We do! We have three flavors that are vegan AND gluten free! Vanilla, Chocolate, and Red Velvet. You can mix and match the cakes, fillings and icings. Just ask!

Where did the name Cupcake Jones come from?

Jones is Lisa’s dad’s last name. PLUS, it is a play on the slang term “jonesin’” meaning something you are really craving….like a cupcake!

If I wanted to keep up on what you are up to, do you have a blog?

Yes! You can read our blog here.

Why is cupcake jones unique?

  • We have a menu that changes monthly to take advantage of fresh and seasonal ingredients
  • We fill all of our Jumbos sized cupcakes with delicious housemade fillings that complement the cake and icing flavors We bake from scratch all day We make our garnishes by hand from scratch. This month’s handmade garnishes may include: marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies, berry jam, candied rose petals, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, raspberry sauce, lemon chips, orange chips, carrot chips, thin mint cookies, linzer cookies… Yup, we make ‘em all from scratch!
  • We use fruits, not food coloring, in our icings
  • We never use shortening
  • We are a locally owned family business
  • We use fresh whole eggs
  • We use Pure Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla
  • We donate all of our unsold cupcakes daily to a local service agency for the homeless
  • We use Car2Go and public transportation for deliveries whenever possible
  • We recycle everything we can
  • We compost all of our food waste
  • We use biodegradable non aerosol cleaners
  • We have doggie cupcakes
  • and …. we have what you crave