7 Interesting Ways to Spice up your Recipes

If you are someone that is well into adulthood, then you may have noticed that you have picked up a couple of habits when it comes to the foods that you cook.  It is often hard to think of new meals to make and so you end up in a cycle of making the same dishes that are tried and tested. If you are someone that has noticed that you tend to reach for the same meals quite often, then you may be looking for ways to spice up the way you eat. Here are 7 ways you can spice up your recipes.  

Mix Salty and Sweet 

If you are wanting to change up the way you cook, one of the best recommendations that we could make for you is to try and mix up salty and sweet to make a delicious dish. Many people choose to leave the two foods separately, but mixing salty and sweet can actually make some pretty tasty meals. We recommend putting together some bacon pancakes, as they are the best example of a salty and sweet flavor combination. 

Introduce CBD to your meals 

If you are someone that has a particularly high-paced life and you want a meal that will relax you and settle you in for the night, we recommend that you try and add cbd oil into the meals that you know and love. CBD oil has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety while giving none of the negative side effects associated with THC. Nothing sounds better than a tasty meal that can also help manage any stress that you may be feeling, so be sure to give it a try. 

Have country-themed nights 

If you are someone that is struggling to think up meal ideas during the week, we recommend that you set aside days that are dedicated to a certain country’s cuisine. This is a great way to think up some meals that you may not have eaten before and also try some food that you may not have tried before. If you go to your local supermarket, it is usually split up by aisles based on a particular nation’s food.  

Buy a spice rack 

If you feel like the food that you regularly make food that has a particular taste, then we recommend purchasing a spice rack. Having access to a selection of different spices can completely transform your meals and you can use your spice rack to improve the flavor of meals that you know and love, so even if you don’t feel like trying anything new, you will have a bit of selection.  

Try vegan/ vegetarian night 

A great way to really test out your culinary skills is by challenging yourself to make a meal without any meat in it. It can be easy to get lazy and depend on meat to put together a full meal. Trying to make a meal without any meat will make you challenge yourself and allow you to discover what flavors you can produce from using ingredients that you may not usually make the focus of your meals. Eating food without meat may also mean you can eat a bit healthier, which is always good.  

Grow your own ingredients  

We recommend that you try growing your own ingredients. This will mean that you have a source of fresh produce, which means that you will be eating much healthier. It also feels much more rewarding to eat food that you have grown by yourself and so all of the meals that you eat will feel more exciting to create, as you have created it from something that you have put the work into growing.  

Buy a cookbook 

The best way to spice up the way that you are eating is by buying a cookbook. It can be difficult to think up brand new recipes and sometimes we all need a little inspiration in order to help us decide what to cook. You can buy a cookbook from several places and they are very easy to source online. If you are looking for a specific type of cuisine to cook, you will be glad to know that you can purchase cookbooks under specific recipes. If you have no idea what you want to cook, you can also get books that are full of random recipes.  


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