How Many Servings In A 4 Tier Wedding Cake?

How Many Servings In A 4 Tier Wedding Cake?

Approximately 95-118 people will be served by a three-tier cake with 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch tires at a large wedding. There will be 105 to 128 people served with a four-tier cake with six-inch, eight-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch tiers.

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How Many Tiers Are Needed For 150 Guests?

It is generally possible to serve 50 to 100 guests at three tiers. In other words, if you have 150 or more users, you will likely need four tiers.

How Many Does A 4 Layer Cake Feed?

You will need to consider the size of the tiers when designing your cake design since they will produce different portions. The average person can typically consume 75 people from a 4 tiered cake in a standard shape and size, for example, a 10-inch, 8-inch, 6-inch, and 4-inch tier.

How Many Servings Are In A Tier Wedding Cake?

Tier Sizes



96 – 109


103 – 125


121 – 144


126 – 144

How Much Should I Charge For A 4 Tier Cake?

The price of tiered cakes typically starts at $4 per cake. If you serve two tiers, the price will increase by $ per tier. A 4 tiered cake would cost at least $4 per tier, which is 25 cents per tier. For difficulty/design, please specify a price per serving. The minimum price for a 5″ x 7″ round tiered cake with 26 servings is $120 plus taxes.

How Much Is A 4 Tier Buttercream Wedding Cake?

A round buttercream 4 tier cake to serve *184 costs an average of $1390 per tier.

How Much Does A 4 Tier Cake Feed?

Six-, eight-, ten-, and twelve-tiered wedding cakes start at 18 pounds (75 servings) and cost between 18 pounds and 25 pounds. In the same sizes above, our more eleborate tortes are heavier.

What Size Cake Will Feed 100?

Table spoons are about the size of a 1 34 inch piece of wood. Each slice of 16 inch cake measures about 1 inch across the back, so it can be served to 100 people in a reasonable amount of time. It is extremely impractical to serve a 16 inch cake with traditional slices because a standard fork is about one inch wide.

How Much Cake Do I Need For 120 Guests?

There will be enough portions for 120 people in a standard three tier. A larger 4-5 tier dessert is required for dessert. A square cake will have more portions than a round cake. Adding “fake tiers” – a Styrofoam piece that has been decorated – to your wedding cake design will add drama and height.

Does A 4 Layer Cake Need Support?

Cakes are usually 2 inches tall or 3 inches wide. A cake can be made up of two layers, which can be 4 to 6 inches tall. If the cake circle or board is good, these do not require additional support.

What Size Cake Will Feed 150 Guests?

6 & 8″

serves 30 guests

6, 8 & 10″

serves 70

6, 8 & 12″

serves 100

6, 10 & 14″

serves 130

6, 10 & 16″

serves 150

How Many Tiers Do I Need To Feed 200 People?

There are a number of reasons why sheet cakes are a great option for larger groups of guests. If you want your cake to look like it will serve the entire reception, you should make sure it looks like it will. It’s great to do a 4-tiered cake with an extra “back up” cake if you need 200 servings.

How Big Of A Wedding Cake Do I Need For 200 Guests?

Number Of Guests


Size (Width of Tiers)

30 or less


10 in



8 in x 10 in



6 in x 10 in x 14 in



6 in x 8 in x 10 in x 12 in

What Size Wedding Cake Do I Need For 100 Guests?

You basically don’t want to cater to 20% of your guests when it comes to cake, so it’s pretty simple. Therefore, if you have 100 guests, you will only need a wedding cake big enough for 80 people. Take a moment to consider how many weddings feature a four-course meal.

How Many Does An 8 Inch 4 Layer Cake Serve?

There are 14 people who can cut each slice of an 8 inch cake to about 2 12 inches across the back, so it can be served to them sensibly. An inch is about the length of the spoon part of a tablespoon. It is also possible to cut 8-inch cakes for events.

How Many Will A 2 Tier Cake Feed?

There are usually two layers in each tier of a small two tier cake, so it will serve about 12-16 people. If you are having a birthday party or summer BBQ with friends or family, this is a good size.

How Many Does A 3-tier Wedding Cake Serve?

2 lb. (8″)

8 – 12 servings

3 lb. (9″)

12 – 18 servings

4 lb. (10″)

16 – 24 servings

5 lb. (12″)

20 – 30 servings

6 lb. (12″)

25 – 35 servings

How Much Should A 3-tier Wedding Cake Cost?
















How Do You Calculate Wedding Cake Servings?

There is a common calculation for wedding cake that allows for one slice of bride’s cake per guest and a half slice of groom’s cake to be served. If you have 100 guests, you will need 100 servings of bride’s cake and 50 servings of groom’s cake.

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