How Much Cake For 100 People?

How Much Cake For 100 People?

You can determine the size of your cake by the number of servings. It is generally possible to serve 50 to 100 guests at three tiers. In other words, if you have 150 or more users, you will likely need four tiers.

How Many Cakes Do I Need For 100 Guests?

There is a common calculation for wedding cake that allows for one slice of bride’s cake per guest and a half slice of groom’s cake to be served. If you have 100 guests, you will need 100 servings of bride’s cake and 50 servings of groom’s cake.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Wedding Cake For 100?

In other words, you should have a general idea of what you want to spend or how much you can afford. The average person doesn’t know what a wedding cake costs, but it helps to be aware that a wedding cake for 100 will cost around $6.

How Much Is A Sheet Cake For 100?



1/2 Sheet-1 Layer

25-30 Med. or 48 Small Servings


1/2 Sheet-2 Layer

40-50 Med. or 96 Small Servings


Full Sheet-1 Layer

50-60 Med. or 96 Small Servings


Full Sheet-2 Layer

85-100 Med or 180 Small Servings


How Much Cake Do I Need For 120 Guests?

There will be enough portions for 120 people in a standard three tier. A larger 4-5 tier dessert is required for dessert. A square cake will have more portions than a round cake. Adding “fake tiers” – a Styrofoam piece that has been decorated – to your wedding cake design will add drama and height.

How Much Cake Do I Need For 80 Guests?

1/4 sheet

approx. 12

sheet for 75 (3″ high)

75 – 80 servings

Double Sheet (2 full sheets stacked)

100-120+ servings

How Many Does A 3 Tier Cake Feed?

It is generally possible to serve 50 to 100 guests at three tiers. In other words, if you have 150 or more users, you will likely need four tiers.

How Much Does A 3 Tier Cake Cost?
















What Size Cakes Per Person?

Cake Size

Round Cake

Square Cake

6 inch (15 cm)

11 servings

18 servings

7 inch (18 cm)

15 servings

24 servings

8 inch (20 cm)

20 servings

32 servings

9 inch (23 cm)

27 servings

35 servings

How Much Is A Wedding Cake For 150 Guests?

6 & 8″

serves 30 guests

6, 8 & 10″

serves 70

6, 8 & 12″

serves 100

6, 10 & 14″

serves 130

6, 10 & 16″

serves 150

What Is A Reasonable Price For A Wedding Cake?

U.S. households spend an average of $900 annually. The price of wedding cake is around $350, according to Thumbtack, an online service that matches customers with local professionals in your area. Couples typically spend between $125 and $700 on average, with the higher end often exceeding $1,000. The couple will decorate their wedding cake with this message.

How Much Should I Pay For A Sheet Cake?

Sheet cakes can cost anywhere from $25 to $125 on average. Sheet cakes cost a lot depending on their size, the ingredients they used, the decorations, the type of frosting, and where they were purchased.

How Many People Will A Sheet Cake Feed?

It is usually possible to serve 18 to 40 people with a 1/2 sheet cake pan, which is 11 by 15 inches. If you are planning an anniversary party or an interoffice party, this size is perfect. There are usually 48 to 96 people served in a full Sheet Cake Pan, which is 18 by 24 inches.

How Much Is A Full Sheet Cake At Costco?

You can’t go wrong with Costco’s sheet cakes. The retailer’s most-loved dessert might just be the perfect budget treat between its size, taste, and price. Costco’s trademark treat is $18, and it’s a steal. They can be customized to any style or occasion, so they are worth the price of $99 each.

How Many Does A 9×13 Sheet Cake Serve?

Cake pans measuring 9 by 13 inches are used for baking this recipe. You can expect to get between 12 and 20 slices from a single cake in this size, which is perfect for parties.

How Big Of A Wedding Cake Do You Need For 120 People?

Number Of Guests


Size (Width of Tiers)



6 in x 10 in x 14 in



6 in x 8 in x 10 in x 12 in

How Many Pounds Of Cake Do I Need For 100 Guests?

Approximately five percent of our local bakery’s products are made from wheat. The amount of cake you need per 100 guests is 13 pounds (or 7 kg) – so you need 2 ox per person (150g).

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