How Much Is A 10 Inch Birthday Cake?

How Much Is A 10 Inch Birthday Cake?

There are 10 slices in each cake, measuring about 1 14 inches across the back or about the width of a teaspoon, which makes it suitable for serving to up to 25 people. The 10 inch cake can be served as an event cake, just like the 8 inch cake.

What Is A Good Price For A Birthday Cake?

The price of tiered cakes typically starts at $4 per cake. If you serve two tiers, the price will increase by $ per tier. A 4 tiered cake would cost at least $4 per tier, which is 25 cents per tier. For difficulty/design, please specify a price per serving. The minimum price for a 5″ x 7″ round tiered cake with 26 servings is $120 plus taxes.

How Much Is A 10 Inch Cake From Publix?

Cake Type


Publix Sheet Cakes

8 Inch


10 Inch


12 Inch


How Much Should A Piece Of Cake Cost?

Bakeries typically charge per serving or slice for cake making at a birthday party, a special event, or a gala. Cakes at supermarkets typically cost 35 cents to $2 a slice.

How Much Does A 10 Inch Cake Cost?




6 inch



8 inch



10 inch



12 inch



How Many Slices Is A 10 Inch Cake?

The size of Angel Food and Bundt Cake pans varies, and they are often measured in cups: A 10-inch, 12-cup pan is the standard size. For both types of cake, expect to get 12 to 16 slices per pan.

How Many Does A 10 Inch Pound Cake Serve?

2 lb. (8″)

8 – 12 servings

3 lb. (9″)

12 – 18 servings

4 lb. (10″)

16 – 24 servings

5 lb. (12″)

20 – 30 servings

6 lb. (12″)

25 – 35 servings

How Many Inch Cakes Do I Need For 15 People?

Cake Size

Round Cake

Square Cake

5 inch

8 servings

8 servings

6 inch

11 servings

18 servings

7 inch

15 servings

24 servings

8 inch

20 servings

32 servings

How Much Does A 9 Inch Round Cake Feed?

There is no doubt that this is a simple question, but it can become very complicated. It seems that Wilton’s and Earlene’s are the two most commonly used charts. A two-layer cake with a diameter of 9″ is 32 ounces, according to Wilton. Cakes by Earlene’s Cakes say that a 9″ cake serves 22 people.

How Much Cake Do You Need For 20 Guests?

What is the amount of cake 20 people? Five pounds (5 pounds) or twelve inches of Pound, Sheet, and Layer cake are needed for a group of 20 people. Cakes can be served in two tiers or six pounds, but 20 to 30 people can eat them.

How Do I Price My Cake?

  • Time is valuable. Value it.
  • Make sure you are tracking the cost of your ingredients closely.
  • You will need to build additional costs (for cake boxes, special equipment, etc.)…
  • You must understand your target market and work hard to grow it.
  • Get in touch with other bakers in your area.
  • You will be charged for delivery.
  • How Much Is An Expensive Cake?

    There are $900 cupcakes and $34,000 puddings to choose from, but this cake set a new price record for cakes. The most expensive dessert ever created was a birthday cake that contained diamonds and fondant sculpted by hand.

    How Much Is A Full Size Cake?



    1/2 Sheet-1 Layer

    25-30 Med. or 48 Small Servings


    1/2 Sheet-2 Layer

    40-50 Med. or 96 Small Servings


    Full Sheet-1 Layer

    50-60 Med. or 96 Small Servings


    Full Sheet-2 Layer

    85-100 Med or 180 Small Servings


    How Much Does A Publix Cake Cost?



    Cake Slice Vanilla Cream Cheese


    Cake Slice Vanilla Fudge Iced


    Cake Slice Chocolate Buttercream


    Angel Food Cake


    Does Publix Make Custom Birthday Cakes?

    You can order a custom cake that will feed as many people as you need and will look just as you like. You can customize nearly anything with our cakes, as you browse our selection of flavors.

    How Much Does A Publix Wedding Cake Cost?

    Type of Wedding Cake

    Price Quoted

    Carrot cake

    + 20% per tier

    How Far In Advance Can I Order A Publix Cake?

    You can also order custom cakes and platters in-store when you pick them up. We can deliver your order 24 hours in advance, so stop by and pick it up before your event starts.

    How Much Does A Half Cake Cost?

    The price of a half-sheet cake in most bakeries is around $30 to $70. There may, however, be a charge for different types of cakes and for different decorations. Compared to bakeries, grocery stores will charge a lower price. A half sheet cake usually serves 25-40 people, depending on the size of the slice.

    How Much Does A Cake Cost In Australia?




    8′ Square

    15 – 25 serves


    10′ Square

    25 – 35 serves


    12′ Square

    40 – 50 serves


    14′ Square

    50 – 60 serves


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