How Much Is A Cookie Cake Publix?

How Much Is A Cookie Cake Publix?

Depending on the complexity of the design, cookie cakes with decorating that include more than a frosting border and message can cost between $30 and $40.

Does Publix Make Cookie Cake?

You’ll love the soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie cake you’ll find at your next party. Our exclusive cookie recipe is baked fresh in our bakery. Choose from buttercream or fudge icing and choose from four sizes to suit your needs.

How Much Does A Publix Cake Cost?



Cake Slice Vanilla Cream Cheese


Cake Slice Vanilla Fudge Iced


Cake Slice Chocolate Buttercream


Angel Food Cake


How Much Does A Cookie Cake At Walmart Cost?



Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake with Icing, 30 oz


Chocolate Chunk Cookies, 10 ct


Peanut Butter Chunk Cookies, 10 oz


Snickerdoodle Cookies, 10 ct


How Much Is A Cookie Cake From American Cookie?




Cookie Cakes

Cookie Cake Slice Chocolate chip cookie topped with chocolate and white icing.


– –

16″ Round Cookie Cake (Cookie Cakes) Chocolate chip cookie. Please use special instructions for design and wording on the cake.


– –

Pan Cookie


– –

How Much Does A 12 Inch Cookie Cake Feed?

Approximately 16 people can eat this 12-inch round, 2-pound cake.

How Many Does A 16 Inch Cookie Cake Serve?

You can choose from a variety of sizes and serve anywhere from four to thirty people with these custom cookie cakes. If you’re in a rush, you can make a sixteen inch round in just minutes.

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Cookie Cake?

The price of a store-bought cookie cake will likely be around $20, and if you get one from Mrs. Fields or Great American Cookies, it can go up to $40 or more. The homemade cake cake costs less than $6-8 if you already have the basics on hand (like sugar and eggs).

Does Walmart Bakery Make Cookie Cakes?

Walmart offers cookie cakes, which are, in my opinion, excellent. They can be used as a substitute for actual cake on birthdays for people who aren’t fond of it. Walmart’s website offers the option to order and customize a cookie cake in person or online.

Does Costco Bakery Make Cookie Cakes?

You can feed your family at Costco in a very simple way.

What Is The Cost Of A Publix Wedding Cake?

Wedding cakes cost an average of $500. A three-tiered cake (for 75-100 guests) at Publix costs $300 – so you can spend more on a honeymoon if you want to.

How Much Does Custom Cake Cost?




6″ diameter



7″ diameter



8″ diameter



9″ diameter



Does Publix Make Custom Birthday Cakes?

You can order a custom cake that will feed as many people as you need and will look just as you like. You can customize nearly anything with our cakes, as you browse our selection of flavors.

Are Publix Birthday Cakes Good?

I personally recommend Publix for cakes. There is a lot of moistness and delicious flavor in all of them. We buy our birthday cakes from that bakery for work and family, as well as for other occasions. I love the buttercream icing and the fudge icing.

Does Walmart Do Custom Cookie Cakes?

Walmart’s website offers the option to order and customize a cookie cake in person or online. There are three cookie cake options, including peanut butter candy, chocolate chunk, and chocolate candy (like M&Ms).

How Many Servings Are In A Walmart Cookie Cake?

Serving Size 1/4 Cookie (30g)

Servings Per Container 4

Calories 170 Calories

% Daily Value

Total Fat 0g


How Much Do Birthday Cakes Cost At Walmart?



Price Range

1/8 Sheet



8-inch Round Single Layer



8-inch Round Double Layer



24-count Cupcake Cake



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