How Much Is Black Forest Cake?

How Much Is Black Forest Cake?

Black Forest Cake is available at Rs. 3,599 online. The FlowerAura Collection is available at FlowerAura.

What Is The Price Of Black Forest Cake?

Black forest

Black Forest Cake

₹ 550/ Kg

₹ 700/ Kg



What Is The Price Of 500g Black Forest Cake?

The Black Forest Cake 500gm is available at Rs 325/gram for Chocolate Cake.

What Is The Price Of Black Forest Cake Half Kg?

The Black Forest Cake Half Kg is available at Rs 395/piece and is ID: 19875016512.

What Is The Cost Of 1kg Black Forest Cake?

₹ 550 / Kg

₹ 600 / Kg



Cake Flavour

How Much Does A 1 Kg Cake Cost?

Chocolate Cake 1 Kg Premium Online, Rs. 599. The FlowerAura Collection was first released in 1749.

What Is The Cost Of 1 Kg Of Cake?

The weight of this chocolate cake is 1 kg, and the price is 350 rupees /kilogram.

What Is The Size Of Half Kg Black Forest Cake?

The weight of the package is half a kilogram. The shape of the round is round. 4-6 people are served. The diameter of the package is 6 inches.

What Is The Cost Of Half Kg Chocolate Cake?

The price of the round dark chocolate cake half kg is Rs 999 /piece Ferns N Petals.

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