5 Fantastic Dishes You Can Bring Along to Any Sporting Event

There are so many different sporting events for you to go see, whether it’s for a new experience, a family day out, the first date because you’re a dedicated fan or just an impulse purchase of tickets you’re bound to have a great time. Each time you attend a sporting event will be a different but equally amazing experience to the previous one. Every sporting event you attend you’ll learn more about the sport. Soccer for example is one of the most popular sports in America and has one some of the most popular sporting events too when attending soccer games not only do you have some of the best experiences thanks to the great atmosphere and meet some friends for life but you learn about general things surrounding the sport.

In the case of soccer, these general things may include fun facts like Greenland has never been able to compete in a FIFA tournament as they don’t have a recognized soccer team because they are unable to grow grass to create a soccer pitch or helpful advice for your friendly weekend games like don’t put your soccer cleats in the washing machine after playing as this will ruin your shoes, instead stomp off the dirt and hand clean and leave to dry at room temperature to maintain the condition of them for as long as possible. Another thing you’ll have noticed from attending sporting events is how expensive the snacks and drinks are there if you’re like us and want to save yourself some money you’ll be wanting to bring your own food with you.

If you regularly attend sporting events you might have already figured out the best dishes to bring but if you’re a newbie or just looking for some new ideas we’ve found 5 absolutely fantastic dishes and appliances that are perfect no matter what sporting event you’re attending, this means you can spend your money on some fun merch rather than an overpriced hotdog. It’s also likely that these dishes will taste much better than whatever food you can purchase at the event.


Pasta-bake is the first dish that we’d recommend to bring with you to a sporting event. Pasta bake is just as delicious cold as it is freshly cooked, this is good for a sporting event because you can prepare it the night before or it could be leftovers from your dinner. All you need is some Tupperware and a fork and another thing that makes this dish great are that it isn’t messy to eat.


Salad is another great choice; you can whip up a salad just before you leave to go to the event so it’s a good last-minute dish or if you’re trying to eat healthily then this is a great choice as it is low carb and filled with nutrients. This is also a great choice for vegetarians and vegans whose needs may not be catered for at the event.


Sandwiches are another great option for sporting events, they’re quick to make before the event and they’re even easier to eat than the other two dishes as no fork is required. Just wrap them up in some tin foil and they’ll be fine. There is also a lot of variety in this dish as you can choose whatever filling you want for your sandwich.


If you’re going to an outdoor sporting event in the winter then the soup is the perfect dish for you. You can make your own homemade soup or if you want to keep it simple as possible you can use tinned soup. Just fill a flask with your chosen soup and it’ll help keep you warm during the event.


Wraps are another great dish suitable for any sporting event and they also have lots of variety. This is perfect for people attending as a group as they can be suited to everyone’s needs, a vegan can choose a falafel and hummus wrap where a meat eater can go for chicken and cheese. This variety makes it easier to find a dish to take with you when you have different diets than the people you’re attending.


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