All The Appliances You Need to Run a Luxury Cafe

If you’re considering opening up your own luxury café as a new business venture then there are hundreds of things to take into account. It’s important to take into account the external environments that can affect your business including the pandemic and various lockdowns that keep occurring to make sure your business won’t go bankrupt as soon as you open. Some other things to consider before you make the big and exciting decision to open your luxury café is to think about if your café is going to sell alcohol as well as hot drinks and food, if it is then you need to ensure you have a license to serve alcohol, it differs from state to state how to get on so check with your local government.

If you decide to start offering takeaway and delivery once you open your café to deal with the lockdown then you’ll have to make sure all of your delivery vehicles are ensured, to do this you’ll just have to adjust your business insurance to include this. It’s important to have a good business plan when you open a café making sure that your luxury café is in an area with the right demographic who will visit it, also making sure that you’re aware of the competition in the area as if there is already a well-established luxury café in the area you may struggle to gain customers. Finally, you must make sure that if you advertise as a luxury café you are one, we’ve found some appliances that’ll help you to run your luxury café.

Ice Makers

Ice makers are one of the most underrated appliances for luxury cafes, not only is it higher quality ice so improves the quality of the drink you serve but it also helps with practicality. Making ice can take a long time so will have to be prepared in advance, however, this can take up lots of freezer space that may be needed for other things which causes a problem. By having an ice maker, you have constant access to instant ice which is great for a luxury café. There are ice makers in every budget all ranging in quality, we would recommend any of these ice makers from Tramontina as they’re not overly expensive and still durable and of good quality.

Coffee Machines

It’s likely that in your café coffee will be the most sold item on the menu, so to successfully run a luxury café it’s important you have high-quality coffee machines. You’ll need a coffee maker that is durable, can produce a high quantity of coffee during the day to meet demand and to avoid having to brew coffee all day. Having 3 or 4 of these machines would be an investment to think about as it’s important to be able to keep up with demand. Alongside this, a good quality espresso machine is absolutely necessary as most coffee drinks contain this.


Blended drinks have massively grown in popularity so you’ll want to make sure you can provide blended drinks to keep up with the trends. You’ll probably only need one blender when starting out so make sure you spend that bit extra to make sure it’s a high-quality blender as could be needed to blend hundreds of drinks a day. An industrial blender would be the best thing, the price may be off-putting but it’s better to invest in a really good quality one than have to keep replacing a cheaper one if it breaks.

Luxury Cups, Flutes & Glasses

It’s essential to take your table setting beyond cute plates, cutlery, and napkin rings. It’s important to know which designs and materials to use for which occasions when it comes to choosing glassware. A reputable brand with a history of high quality is the best place to get your special glassware. You will be able to stay on top of your next event or everyday routine inside your coffee shop.
There are multiple glassware you should consider buying for your coffee place: from unique plastic champagne flutes to stylish wine glasses.


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