What Grocery Store Has The Best Chocolate Cake?

What Grocery Store Has The Best Chocolate Cake?

King Cakes from Kroger are a good option for those who aren’t very skilled in baking. It was one of the best cakes he had ever had, according to a Houston Yelp reviewer.

Are Cakes From Costco Good?

There are no better value than Costco sheet cakes, and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. One thing is for sure: They are massive. According to reports, a half sheet cake weighs about nine and a half pounds and can accommodate 48 people.

Does Whole Foods Bake Their Own Cakes?

Whole Foods does not bake its own cakes, just like Costco and Walmart, which are also retail chains. The bakery team defrosts each cake layer before building classic cakes for the display case and preparing custom cakes instead of delivering frozen cakes.

Where Are Kroger Cakes Made?

Kroger will phase out baking operations at its bakery manufacturing facility in Houston, Texas Bakery, as a result.

How Long Are Kroger Cakes Good For?

There is no cake baking at Kroger. A supplier provides them to us. The self-storage facility can keep them for up to five days, but we can only keep them for 30 days frozen.

Does Kroger Have Its Own Bakery?

Pam Gregory, Kroger’s bakery director, said Moulin Francais is prepared according to traditional methods and offers more than 20 different varieties, including garlic btard, country boule, ciabatta, and multigrain baguettes. There is a 99-cent price tag and a $3 price tag.

How Much Does A Full Sheet Cake Cost At Kroger?

Cake Type


Kroger Round Cakes

1/4 Sheet Cake (Serves 12-15)


1/2 Sheet Cake (Serves 25-30)


Full Sheet Cake (Serves 50-60)


Does Costco Bakery Write On Cakes?

The bakery team at Costco will ask you to fill out a cake order form when you visit the store. You can also add a message to the cake and choose cake decorations from the bakery’s list of available options during the order process.

Why Did Costco Stop Making Cakes?

Costco responded to comments on its Facebook page in May explaining that the sheet cakes were not available for special order and why they were pulled. Costco wrote that some departments have been reduced in service in order to limit personal contact and create more space for social distancing.

How Much Is A Costco Slab Cake?

You can’t go wrong with Costco’s sheet cakes. The retailer’s most-loved dessert might just be the perfect budget treat between its size, taste, and price. Costco’s trademark treat is $18, and it’s a steal. They can be customized to any style or occasion, so they are worth the price of $99 each.

Are Cakes From Whole Foods Good?

Yes! Cakes are no exception to Whole Foods’ reputation for excellent customer service. They have bakers and cake Decorators on staff, and they can make anything.

How Much Do Whole Foods Cakes Cost?



Black & white cake (6 inch round)


Black & white cake (9 inch round)


Chocolate raspberry cake (6 inch round)


Chocolate raspberry cake (9 inch round)


How Much Does Whole Foods Chantilly Cake Cost?

The Whole Foods Berry Chantilly cake costs more than your average retail bakery cake, with prices ranging from $12 for a 4-inch round cake to $180 for a double-layer full sheet cake. The cost of Chantilly cupcakes is approximately $4 per cupcake, while the cost of slices is $3 per slice. 99 each.

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