What Size Pan Is A 1 4 Sheet Cake?

What Size Pan Is A 1 4 Sheet Cake?

The size of a 1/4 sheet cake pan is. The diameter of a 14 sheet cake pan is typically 13 inches by 9 inches, and the depth is usually one or two inches.

What Size Pan Is A Quarter Sheet Cake?

The rectangular cake pan is a popular choice, as it comes in many sizes and depths. You can match a sheet cake to a box by measuring it 9 x 13, 12 x 18, or there are different sizes between them.

Is A 9×13 Pan A Quarter Sheet?

You may already know that it measures 13 by 9 inches, but it is actually 13 by 9 inches wide. Sheet pans are ideal for smaller batches of food.

What Is A Quarter Sheet Pan?

The standard sheet pan measures 9 by 13 inches (a standard size for sheet cakes), the half sheet pan measures 18 by 13 inches (this is the size of most baking sheets) and the full sheet pan measures 26 by 18 inches (too big to fit in many ovens, but not too

What Is A 1/2 Sheet Cake?

Half sheet cakes are usually 15 inches by 11 inches, 15 1/2 inches by 10 1/2 inches, or even bigger, as long as 16 inches by 12 inches or more. Due to the fact that home ovens are smaller than bakery or grocery store ovens, a half sheet cake will likely measure 13 inches by 9 inches in size.

How Many Does A 1/4 Sheet Cake Serve?

There are usually three standard sizes of sheet pans. Serving sizes for 1/4 Sheet Cake Pans are typically 12 to 20 people, which is 9 by 12 inches.

Is A 12×18 A Full Sheet Cake?

You can serve 108 portions of the wedding cake if it is 4″ tall. Baking professionals use a 12 X18 sheet pan, which is cut into two 2-inch by 12-inch squares and serves 54 people. Baking a full sheet cake requires a sheet pan, which is literally used by professional bakeries. In this case, full sheet, half sheet, etc. are used.

What Size Is A 1/4 Sheet Pan?

The dimensions of a 1/4 sheet pan are 9 1/2″ x 13″, which is the same as a standard sheet pan. Baking sheet sizes for small batches of bakeries are ideal for 4 quarter size sheet pans in your standard commercial oven.

How Many 9×13 Pans Are In A Sheet Pan?

A half-sheet pan with a 13″ x 18″ capacity would seem to be the perfect size for doubling a 9″ x 13″ recipe. In fact, 117 x 2 = 234 exactly. Mathematics has all the beauty and perfection that one would hope for, but there is one hitch.

What Is A Quarter Sheet Cake Size?

You can match a sheet cake to a box by measuring it 9 x 13, 12 x 18, or there are different sizes between them.

How Big Is A One Quarter Sheet Pan?

You will end up with a quarter-sheet pan if you use a half-sheet pan. It measures 13 by 9 inches, so you can guess what it is.

What Does A Quarter Sheet Pan Look Like?

In the quarter sheet pan, the dimensions are 9 1/2 inches by 13′′ (24 x 33 cm), and in the one-eighth pan, they are just 6 inches by 9 inches (13 x 23 cm). Baking sheets are lined with parchment paper or silicone baking mats if you are concerned about cooking on aluminum, which is a good conductor of heat.

What Is Quarter Sheet Cake?

The quarter sheet cake is a quarter of a full-size sheet cake, and it can serve a large or small crowd depending on the size of the serving.

How Many Does A 1/2 Sheet Cake Serve?

It is usually possible to serve 18 to 40 people with a 1/2 sheet cake pan, which is 11 by 15 inches. If you are planning an anniversary party or an interoffice party, this size is perfect. There are usually 48 to 96 people served in a full Sheet Cake Pan, which is 18 by 24 inches.

How Big Is A Half Sheet Of Cake?

Half-sheet pans are exactly half the size of full-sheet pans, measuring 18 by 13 inches, with a side height of about one inch.

What Is Half A Sheet Cake?

Half sheet cakes, or 1/2 sheet cakes, are large rectangular cakes that are usually served at parties or any time a large crowd is expected. Due to the differences in pan sizes, half sheet cakes come in a variety of sizes.

How Much Should A 1/2 Sheet Cake Cost?



1/2 Sheet-1 Layer

25-30 Med. or 48 Small Servings


1/2 Sheet-2 Layer

40-50 Med. or 96 Small Servings


Full Sheet-1 Layer

50-60 Med. or 96 Small Servings


Full Sheet-2 Layer

85-100 Med or 180 Small Servings


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