Where Can I Buy A Cassata Cake Near Me?

Where Can I Buy A Cassata Cake Near Me?

Whole Foods does not bake its own cakes, just like Costco and Walmart, which are also retail chains. The bakery team defrosts each cake layer before building classic cakes for the display case and preparing custom cakes instead of delivering frozen cakes.

How Much Does A Cassata Cake Cost?




8″ Double 8″ Triple 10″ Triple Quarter Sheet Double Quarter Sheet Triple Half Sheet Double Half Sheet Triple Full Sheet Double

8-10 10-12 15-20 15-20 20-25 40-50 50-60 80-100

$27.99 $32.99 $44.99 $39.99 $47.99 $65.99 $79.99 $149.99

Can You Pre Order A Cake From Whole Foods?

There are many Whole Foods Market locations that offer a selection of cakes and customizations that can be ordered online ahead of time and picked up in-store.

Are Whole Foods Cakes Good?

Yes! Cakes are no exception to Whole Foods’ reputation for excellent customer service. They have bakers and cake Decorators on staff, and they can make anything.

How Much Do Whole Foods Cakes Cost?



Black & white cake (6 inch round)


Black & white cake (9 inch round)


Chocolate raspberry cake (6 inch round)


Chocolate raspberry cake (9 inch round)


How Much Does Whole Foods Chantilly Cake Cost?

The Whole Foods Berry Chantilly cake costs more than your average retail bakery cake, with prices ranging from $12 for a 4-inch round cake to $180 for a double-layer full sheet cake. The cost of Chantilly cupcakes is approximately $4 per cupcake, while the cost of slices is $3 per slice. 99 each.

How Far In Advance Should You Order A Cake?

For cakes delivered during the week (from Tuesday to Thursday), they should be placed at least four to seven days in advance. If you are planning a wedding, we recommend booking a consultation within 3-6 months of the wedding date.

Does Whole Foods Have Good Desserts?

There are a number of healthy desserts at Whole Foods that you should try. There is no added refined sugar to these delicious bites. Organic treats are also a common feature of these treats.

Is Whole Foods Chantilly Cake Good?

There is nothing better than this cake. The frosting is creamy and not sweet, so it is a five-star cake. This cake is delicious, with fresh berries, a delicious mix of berries, and a creamy frosting between layers. My top five cakes are this one.

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