Where Can I Buy A Fondant Fancy Birthday Cake?

Where Can I Buy A Fondant Fancy Birthday Cake?

A fondant fancy is a small cake, usually layered with jam or marzipan, covered in a thin coating of fondant and decorated with icing or sugar paste flowers. I would have called them petits fours before I realized what they were. I had to make sure my fondant fancies were not perfect.

Who Makes Aldi Fondant Fancies?

Size / volume


Legal name

Sponge cakes with a vanilla flavour topping covered in chocolate flavoured fondant icing, lemon flavour fondant icing and pink fondant icing.


Aldi Stores Ltd., PO Box 26, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 2SH

Brand name

Holly Lane

Country of origin

United Kingdom

Is Fondant Cake More Expensive?

It is not uncommon for guests to cut off the fondant and eat the cake alone. The cost of fondant is higher than other icings, so most brides choose buttercream instead.

How Much Does A Bettys Fondant Fancy Weigh?

Delivery Method


Weight Limit


Mon to Fri


Named Day

Mon to Fri


Named Day by 12pm

Mon to Fri





Why Fondant Cake Is Expensive?

The fondant is naturally heavy, so we need a cake that is more dense than the usual chiffon or light sponge cake that is used with boiled or marshmallow icing. For this reason, the cake’s recipe alone costs more than the usual birthday cake recipe.

What Are Fondant Cakes Called?

A fondant fancy is a type of cake that is coated in fondant. In addition to rolled fondant, fondant icing, or pettinice, which is not the same material as poured fondant, is commonly used to decorate wedding cakes.

Why Are They Called Fondant Fancies?

The invention of the French Fancies, or “Fancies” as they were originally called, took place in the 20th century. Mr. Kipling’s Cakes, makers of Mr. Kipling’s Cakes in the U.S., introduced them in 1967 as part of the first 20 baked goods created and sold to the brand new “supermarkets” that were introduced in 1967.

Are Fondant Fancies Different Flavours?

There are three different types of French Fancies – white, pink, and blue. The inside is the same – a delicate sponge coated with vanilla butter fondant. There is a chocolate-flavored icing on the brown cakes, a strawberry-flavored icing on the pink cakes, and a mild lemon flavor on the yellow fancies.

How Many Calories Are In A Fancy Of Fondant?







What Are The 4 Types Of Petit Fours?

  • Cakes covered in fondant or icing, such as éclairs and tartlets, are known as glazed cakes.
  • Salé (“salted”) is a savory bite-sized appetizer typically served at buffets or cocktail parties.
  • The Sec (“dry”) is a type of biscuit, baked meringue, macarons, and puff pastry.
  • What Are The Characteristics Of Petit Fours?

    It is common to eat petits fours in one or two bites, which is the main characteristic. These small treats are named after the tradition of baking them in a slow oven after large pastries have been removed and the temperature has been reduced in the oven.

    Does Fondant Cost More Than Buttercream?

    Cakes with bows and flowers and things are usually made of fondant, as you can see in pictures. It is probably one of the most important factors to consider when choosing between the two types of cake. It is possible to spend double or more than a buttercream cake on fondant.

    Are Fondant Cakes Better?

    It is possible to use either fondant or buttercream, but there are pros and cons to each. A fondant is a great decoration material. The rolled out material has a smooth professional finish that allows for transfers, and it is easy to mould into pretty much any decoration you can think of.

    What Is The Difference Between Normal Cake And Fondant Cake?

    The taste of fondant cake is sweeter than that of cream cake. The texture of cream cakes is fluffy and soft, while the texture of fondant cakes is silky and rigid. The weight of fondant cakes is heavier than that of cream cakes. The freedom to decorate cakes that are not possible with cream icing is provided by fondant icing.

    Can You Freeze Fondant Fancies?

    Guidelines for freezing and defrosting: Allow the food to cool completely before using it. You can freeze the film and foil for up to three months if you wrap well in clingfilm and tin foil. Frozen tin foil and clingfilm should be defrosted in packaging at room temperature for several hours before serving.

    How Many Calories Are In A Bettys Fondant Fancy?

    Typical values per 100g

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