6 Great Ways to Entertain your Guests at a Dinner Party

Making sure that your guests are entertained when you are hosting a dinner party is paramount to ensuring everyone has a good time. Of course, the food and drink are just as important but without entertainment, you may find that your guests are a little unsatisfied with the evening you have provided. Good entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive and if you are crafty about it you can provide great entertainment for your guests without having to spend a thing. At the end of it, all your guests are looking for something that is fun and entertaining so don’t worry if you don’t have the budget to put on a huge production.



Music is one of the most effective ways to entertain a crowd and it can be done in a variety of different ways to suit a specific audience or event. You could hire a local music act to perform at your home to really wow your guests or you could stick to the classic karaoke for a really good laugh. Whatever form of music you choose to host at your dinner party I’m sure that as long as you provide high energy and a selection of music that will appeal to a varied audience that it will go down well and earn you points as a host.


Live Performance

Although music would be the obvious choice when it comes to hosting some kind of live performance at your dinner party, there are many other acts that could be just as entertaining. You should look into what performers are working in your local area and keep your eye out for anything a bit different to really impress your guests and end your dinner party on the right note.



If you are a host who lacks the resources to provide lavish entertainment for your dinner party then have no fear, you don’t need live professional entertainment to have a good time and it shouldn’t matter to your guests as long as they enjoy themselves. Playing games with your guests can be a great icebreaker to help you all get to know each other in preparation to have a nice night. Why not take a look in your cupboards and see what games you have tucked away, it is said that the best entertainment is what you make yourself and simply having a laugh with your guests can be just what you need.


Drinking Games

If you want to take the fun further then you could even start playing some drinking games with your guests, as long as everyone is of the legal drinking age and willing to participate in a bit of alcohol to get everyone laughing could be what makes your dinner party a success. A great drinking game to play would be never had I ever and everyone who has played this game before will know that the most embarrassing never have i ever questions are the best.



A great way to finish your dinner party could be to host some kind of competition or quiz to bring out the competitive spirit within your guests, this is another activity that doesn’t have to cost much and is a great icebreaker if you are hosting a dinner party with people you are not exceptionally close with. Simply research online to put some kind of quiz questions together, source a prize of some sort for the winner and you are ready to go. A competition to end the evening can be a great firm of entertainment to make sure your guests are not bored during what is supposed to be a fun event.



If you are out of options for entertainment for your dinner party, or if you have left it too late to organize something properly you could always put together a small firework display. After a long meal, there can be nothing better than getting outside for a few minutes with a hot drink and watching a small fireworks display. After the many years that fireworks have been brought out as a form of entertainment, there is no point in making things hard for yourself when you have a reliable source of entertainment available.


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