7 of the Most Stylish Kitchens We have Ever Seen!

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home. When you are not cooking up a storm or getting some washing done, the kitchen is a hub for hosting and entertaining. We spend a lot of our time in our kitchens and for that reason, there is no wonder why so many of us want our kitchen to look as good as they possibly can. However, wanting a stylish kitchen is much easier than actually creating one.  

For the most part, the biggest obstacle that you will have to overcome when designing a stylish kitchen is deciding on the design and theme that you want to go for. The best way to pick a style that fits your personal taste is by looking at other examples of kitchens and taking inspiration from them. Here are 7 of the most stylish kitchens that we have ever seen.  

Rustic Style  

If you are someone that doesn’t enjoy the look of modern kitchens, then you may prefer a more rustic look. In a farmhouse in Kentucky, the Winston family boasts a kitchen that completely rejects modernity. You are probably familiar with your standard gas and electric cookers, but they are nowhere to be found in the Winston household. They instead choose to use an oven that is dependent on a log fire, which was made by Mr. Winston himself. In terms of decoration, the family chose to go for wood furnishings that were once again put together by Mr. Winston. The family state that they feel more comfortable using a kitchen that they put together themselves and it’s hard to deny that they have created a beautiful kitchen 

Technology Haven 

If you are someone that loves the use of technology, then you are bound to love the kitchen of the Charlstons from London. This family has completely embraced any technology that will make their life a little easier and much of their kitchen can be controlled by the voice alone. Though it may be the smallest part of the kitchen, they even have the most up-to-date toaster available on the market that can be controlled from your phone. In terms of decoration, the family chose to go for a sleek marble look that we think complements the other aspects of their kitchen perfectly.  

The pink kitchen 

This kitchen is definitely out there but we can’t help but love it. Sally Marchal lives alone in her apartment in Bury and during the lockdown, she had a lot of time on her hands. During this time she decided to finally make the leap into designing the kitchen of her dreams. Sally did most of the work alone, following youtube tutorials and advice from her father. She repainted and replaced much of her furniture and kitchen equipment, ensuring that every aspect of her kitchen was a shade of pink.  Her kitchen certainly gets some attention and Sally has even created an Instagram dedicated to its development.  



Minimalist Kitchen  

Josie Moore from Margate decided to create her minimalist kitchen when she graduated from university. With lots of debt and very little money, she had to be incredibly selective when it came to kitting out her first-ever apartment. Years later and with a much steadier bank, Josie has made very few changes to her minimalist kitchen. She states that she quickly realized that she didn’t need a long list of equipment and not having to make room for it all made her kitchen much tidier. 

The Pull out kitchen  

Though this is an extreme idea in terms of design inspiration, this kitchen was so interesting that we couldn’t include it. This small kitchen tucks away into a series of cupboards, making the kitchen look nothing more than a set of built-in wardrobes. Everything about this kitchen is neatly tucked away and this is due to the lack of space in the one-bed appointment. The owner, Derek Lee, loves his pull-out kitchen and even boasts an undermount kitchen sink and fridge which save him even more space.  

Equipment Central  

If you are someone that loves equipment, then you are going to love this kitted-out kitchen. Salesman Lee Wyatt is very familiar with kitchen equipment as it is what he sells every day. His job certainly has its advantages and Lee has access to a lot of equipment for free. Lee claims he doesn’t need to do anything manually in his kitchen and he has equipment that can be used to complete a number of tasks. In terms of decoration, Lee has chosen a modern look that matches well with his long list of equipment.  

The Simple Life 

If you are someone that isn’t looking to be too adventurous with your kitchen, then you will be glad to hear about Maggie Doyle’s kitchen. Maggie is a mother from Belfast and she chose to keep her kitchen as simple as possible. Her main reason for this is cleanliness purposes as she has three young children and doesn’t want to spend too much of her time cleaning up. However, the simplicity of the kitchen does not mean it is not stylish. To bring a little life to her kitchen, Maggie added a colorful geometric print wallpaper that really improves the overall look of the kitchen. She says that she doesn’t think she will add much to her simple kitchen, but never say never.  


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