8 Super Easy And Appealing Dessert Decoration Tips For The Bakers


The evolution of the presentation of cakes has seen so many phases that now if you are to expect a cake as in a real cake it would be with all those frostings and fondant spread all over it. The making of a perfect cake is easy but then the most toiling part of preparing an attractive cake to be presented on various occasions that are decorating a cake as per the occasion demands is the oriented and customized decorations.

A baker is aware of the fact that one cannot get done with a cake without completing the decorations. These days the flavor of the cake depends more on the appealing presentation of it. Psychology says one would be able to sense the flavor of the food with the presentation itself. Get your set of equipment bakers! Let’s get started with the cream art now.

Pop it up to clean

First of all, you would need to pop your cake out of the tin clean. This will provide your frosting a plain surface. To achieve the excellence of popping the cake out of the mold clean one needs to use professional cake tins that hold on to grease through the baking process. The most important factor is how well one has greased the tin for the cake batter to not stick to its surface. Once it sticks to the surface there is no coming back; you would need to reshape it.

Reshaping the cake is not at all a cakewalk. At times even the experts fail to shape it up properly. It is better to use the butter papers and oil sprayers over the cake tin to prevent the cake from sticking on the edges. The use of a knife to get the edges off can be risky too, in that case, let it cool down before you take it out. Cooling of cake will allow moisture against the oil and in turn, it would easily slide off the tin.

Frosting perfection

Now that the surface of your cake comes out to be perfect you can try frosting, before that you would like to learn to prepare frosting. Preparing a frosting is very handy as all it requires is the cream and castor sugar, flavors, and colors if required and a beater. Beating of the heavy cream or buttercream, cream cheese, or just anything on cream that can set firm will be good enough for the frosting. The castor sugar or the icing also helps in keeping it firm.

  • Colors and flavors of various kinds can be introduced the basic frosting is usually about the main flavor of the cake
  • The icing is made out of these frostings
  • While spreading the frosting make sure you sweet wash your cake for moisture
  • Fill the frosting between the cake layers
  • Cover up the whole cake with the help of frosting knife uniformly

The fondant fond

These days, many bakers have found many other efficient ways to substitute the hard work on the frosting. The frosting preparation sometimes can be a headache because it is not very easy to fluff the milk or the cream up. It requires a lot of time to prepare the frosting itself and later maintain a uniform spread is even more difficult. To fight these time-consuming processes, the professionals are up with these fondant sheets.


  • Mix gelatin with cold water and wait till it thickens
  • Stir the mixture constantly over a double boiler
  • Add glucose and glycerin into the mixture when the gelatin dissolves completely
  • Knead a dough with the help of the mixture and confectioners’ sugar

The uniformity

The fondants are more viable than the frostings in many ways. The uniformity is better maintained with the fondant sheets. The features such as being stretchy and rip-proof, uniform skin, and easy to make of the fondants makes it special. These days the new kind of fondant is widely used and that is marshmallow fondants, here all that you would need to do is microwave your marshmallows and knead it with the confectioners’ sugar.

It is very necessary to provide a uniform surface to the frosting or the fondant dressed cake because the weird shapes of the cake surface will add lumps to the taste of the cake. Uniformity in the main basic covering layer is as essential as the decorative part. Make sure your cake frosting looks appealing and not just for covering the flaws.

The garnishes

Choose the garnishes as per the occasion demands. For a wedding day, you would need to create an illusionary image of the couple or something that is valued by them. For a birthday cake, you would need to prepare a gift worthy figures and shapes to allure the age group. The customized gifts have better detail than the one picked up directly from the stores.

The cakes these days are sold at a rate of effort that was expended to create the decorative and not just for the cake individually. The flavored icing and frostings make a long and good impression of the cakes and in turn, naturally of the bakery. The bakers need to be careful about how they present their cakes because it concerns their image directly.

Chill the cake

After preparing the cake and getting done with the frosting and icing and the garnishes, you would need to store it in the fridge. The chilling exaggerates the flavor of the cake; the work of sugar washing the layers before frosting them will be now justified. The cake decorations will set firmly till it reaches the door of the customer if it is preserved in the fridge. Serve it chill if possible.


Now, bakers, you can conclude that you are done with the cake making. Serving the chilled cake to your customers is another level of satisfaction. The cake decorations are essential for presentation as it determines how people would acknowledge your skills. The types of ingredients of the cake decoration are vast and might confuse you; you would, therefore, like to hire a cake designer beforehand. Get a design planned in your head before you start piping your cream over your cake.


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