Cooking For Your Pets: The Newest Cooking Trend Taking the World By Storm

Lockdown and isolation have done some weird things to us as humans. We have all found ourselves trying any activity to try and fill all of the free time that we now have available and some of these activities have been quite odd. During isolation, we have also had a lot of free time to hang out with those that mean the most to us, our pets.

The internet has gone absolutely crazy with thousands of different trends consisting of activities that we can do with our pets and one of the most popular ones is cooking meals for our dogs.

Now, this doesn’t just mean putting their tinned meat into the oven and adding a bit of garnish, no. Thousands of people have taken the time to make full animal-friendly meals that admittedly look a lot better than the food some of us have been eating during the lockdown.


Where did the Trend Start

Though not one person can take ownership of starting the trend as it is something that has been going on for years. However, Tiktok user MelissaDay is one of the main reasons for the trend’s recent revivals. Like many of us, Melissa was furloughed from her job in advertising and found herself with a lot of free time on her hands. Because of all of this free time and the fact that she lived alone, Melissa decided to purchase two dwarf hamsters to keep her company.  She quickly fell in love with these hamsters, named Perky and Percy, and quickly dedicated all of her time to them.

On her Tiktok, Melissa documented her transition from advertiser to dedicated hamster mum. She showed herself completely decking out their cage and building various assault courses for them to compete and exercise on.  After creating dozens of assault courses for them to complete, she finally decided it was time to create a treat for them. Her plan was simple, she wanted to treat herself and her hamsters to an identical three-course meal that they could all enjoy.

The product of Melissa’s venture was a lot more appetizing than you would imagine. She made a completely vegetarian three-course meal, consisting of seasoned veggies and even pancakes for dessert. She set up a mini table on top of her own and even had some candles lit for the two, along with some wine and crackers. Perky wasn’t really interested in the event and nibbled every now and again at a cracker, but luckily for Melissa, Percy was around to hoover up any food that Perky didn’t want to eat.

All in all, Melissa thought that the meal was a success and has since started to cook homemade food for her hamster more regularly, sharing her own recipes online.


Not just Hamsters

Of course, after hearing about this, other animal owners had to get involved and there has been an influx of online videos, showing animal owners preparing meals and snacks for their beloved pets.


A real community has really started to grow around the matter and if you look online, you are bound to find recipes that would even be appealing to eat for humans. With this trend, a lot of people have also come to the realization that a lot of the food that they have been feeding their pets is made of low-grade ingredients that could be leading to an increase in obesity and other health issues for the pets and have sworn off ever buying from big-name brands ever again.


There has also been an influx in the creation of companies that make gourmet meals for your pets delivered straight to your door. So, make a comfortable bed for your golden retriever, polish the silverware for your cat, and prime your guinea pig for some wining and dining.


If you want to try some recipes out but don’t like the sound of any of them, don’t worry. You can simply google ingredients that are safe to use for your animal and put your own together.  Making up some tasty treats for your pets may also encourage you to get adventurous with your own cooking.


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