Food Art: The Restaurants Changing your Ideas on what Food Is

Going out to a restaurant to eat is one of the most popular social times worldwide. Many people hate having to come home and cook one of the same meals that they eat almost every day, eating alone and then having to do their dishes. This is why going out for meals is so popular as not only does it allow you to see loved ones, if you have a busy schedule, you can easily fit it in at your normal dinner time and you know that it’ll taste much nicer than anything you could have made. Food also goes well with drinking, most people who go out for drinks also get food to help line their stomach and it makes the evening more enjoyable. Not only is it the perfect social occasion and pairs perfectly with drinking, but it also pairs perfectly with smoking weed. Most people who smoke weed often will take a hit before their meal as it’ll make their meals taste even more delicious. If people are going to smoke before eating at a restaurant, they usually want to get quite high so they can enjoy the meal as much as possible, however, some people as they’re in public only want to feel a small buzz, to help decide what would be best for you to smoke you can find out if delta 8 thc gets you as high as delta 9 here. Some restaurants take amazing food to a whole new level with food art, it’s changed the game of the food industry and is changing people’s ideas on what food is.  

Food Plating

Some restaurants are creating amazing food art. Food art is becoming highly popular as it’s very social media friendly so many people are posting photos of the amazing food art that they’re trying, and the trend is beginning to spread. As restaurants are seeing how popular this trend is more restaurants are playing around with their food plating to try and join in too. Food plating has always been important as presentation is very important when you’re serving a dish at a restaurant, food art is basically a step up from being good at food plating.  


Food Art

Food art has always been around, but it has never been as popular as it currently is. Food art can be anything and like real art, some food art is better than others. Some of the first food art dishes that went viral and started this food art trend include sushi donuts, creative coffee ideas include making a leaf out of the foam on the top of your coffee, or for a more advanced idea people made 3D animals out of the foam. The biggest food trend that spread rapidly on social media was the everything is cake trend. People worldwide were adding to this trend by making real-life-looking cakes that were anything from a pair of crocs to toilet rolls to soap, and surprising those watching when these items were cake. 

Carlo’s Bakery

Carlo’s Bakery was ahead of the trend when it came to realistic cakes. Carlo’s Bakery is known for creating some amazing cakes, these cakes were so great it even got its own TV show ‘Cake Boss’. The team at Carlo’s Bakery have created some incredible cakes, some of the most popular include a 14-foot-long alligator cake that weighs over 1000 pounds, a 500-pound tank cake, an aquarium cake, a recreation of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in cake, and a realistic roulette board. All of these had in common that it was hard to believe that they were cake at all, but their best cake was their skiing cake, they created a mini mountain of cake with a working ski life, trees, people skiing and every other detail you’d expect to see at a ski slope.  


If you’ve been to any of the Disneyworld’s before then you’ll know that once you step into the magical world of Disney absolutely everything there is Disney-related. The clothes are Disney, the gifts are Disney, the rides and the staff are dressed in Disney. The food here is another type of food art as it is always Disney-themed. It is expected from Disney that they will have put a lot of effort into their food art, with so many menus available in different parks and Disney restaurants and so many Disney movies to base the food off, it’s no surprise they have some of the best food art in the world. As Mickey Mouse is their poster character a lot of their food is based on him and Minnie, this includes Mickey Mouse-shaped cake pops, pizza, ice cream, and waffles. Some of their most creative food art includes their Cheshire Cat Tail and Tigger Tails. 


Pokémon is a popular game worldwide and, in several countries, there are Pokémon stores. The biggest Pokémon store is in Tokyo, Japan, as it was created in Japan and Tokyo is their busiest city. The store is so big that it has a restaurant inside and most customers want the full experience and visit the restaurant too. To suit the theme of the store the Pokémon cafe sells amazing Pokémon food art. Their most popular dishes are the Jigglypuff musical cheesecake, the Gastly burger, and the Pikachu latte. 


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