How a Poor Diet Adversely Affects your Skins

We spend a lot of time talking about food. We look at recipes and how to improve upon them. We discuss the hottest food trends and best restaurants. But one area we have not touched on enough is how food affects us physically. And we are talking more than just our general energy levels and body fat.

Today we want to look at how a bad diet can cause a number of issues with your skin. This might surprise you, but the food you eat is directly related to the quality and health of your skin. But how are the two connected?


We get most of our needed nutrients from our food. This is a basic bit of information. But it is often overlooked that these nutrients are also responsible for the health and quality of our skin.

Spots are the biggest and most obvious side effect of a poor diet. You may notice that when you start eating a lot of greasy food you tend to break out in spots. This is less to do with ingesting the grease and more to do with the fact that grease can be absorbed in your fingers and skin accidentally.

So while you are eating bits of grease may come into contact with your face and then lead to spots breaking out. Which is a massive annoyance as you all most likely know.

If you do not get enough healthy food in your daily diet you may notice your skin starts to get dry and itchy. This is because the body does not have the necessary ingredients to keep your skin healthy. Did you know that a poor diet can also cause hair loss? This is because your scalp is still affected by anything that affects the skin. And sure, you can rejuvinate your scalp with pep factor or other products, but the damage can have lasting effects on your hair.


Doctors and health experts are always banging on about staying hydrated. But that is because people don’t realize just how important it actually is to stay hydrated. Our bodies are 70% water. But this doesn’t mean our bodies produce all that water. Rather it means we need to keep putting more water into our bodies.

Water affects everything from our energy levels to, surprise surprise, our skin condition. Our skin uses the water in our bodies to stay healthy and soft. Without it the skin drys up and starts to crack.

Hydration is a great way to combat bags under your eyes as well. It is why you see people put cucumbers on their eyes. Cucumbers are mostly water. So the skin can directly absorb a lot of nutrient-rich water directly from the slices.

So, if you want to improve the quality of your skins there are a few things you need to be doing. Firstly, you need to drink more water throughout the day. Especially if you are exercising.

Secondly, you need to cut down on greasy food and get more nutrient-rich foods such as fruit, veg or super-foods such as nuts.


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