November 24th, 2014

Now Open on NE Alberta!

We are so excited! We are now open at 1405 NE Alberta street in the Alberta street neighborhood! Here are some things you might want to know…

We are baking fresh each morning at our Pearl location and bringing everything over to the alberta store. We are decorating our cupcakes in small batche throughout the day there. Then we’ll be bringing over more cupcakes as needed later in the day.

Same menu as the Pearl location but we aren’t baking on site at Albert so we may run out of flavors a bit. If it’s not too late in the day, we will have some baked fresh and bring them on over!

Orders will all be funneled through the Pearl District store. Call 503-222-4404 as always to place an order. Order pick up at Alberta is available but we must stick to a 24 hour notice policy.

If you have any more questions, check out or Facebook page for Alberta where we have been addressing even more inquiries. And thank you for your years of support! You made this possible!