January 5th, 2015

Be Our Partner (and let us automate your cupcakes!)

Are you in charge of ordering treats, sweets and gifts for your office? Do you have a monthly birthday celebration at work and dread having to remember and prepare for it each month? Do you send client gifts? Then you should probably be in our “Partnership Program” and let us AUTOMATE it!

Simply request an application by sending an email to Lee@cupcakejones.net (must be sent from your work email address), then give us a few days to get you set up and you’re in! You’ll get discounts, special offers, and we can help make it all easier , too. Read on….

Here are some ideas to help maximize your partnership discount!



Send us an email at the beginning of each month with names and birth dates for your staff  and we’ll deliver a dozen minis to each employee ON THEIR BIRTHDAY! So for under $30, you can make each employee super happy! We’ll even include a hand written happy birthday note saying whatever you’d like, wrap it all in ribbon and include a birthday candle at no additional charge! DONE! See? You’re a Hero! (additional delivery fees may apply for further distances.)

2) AUTOMATE CLIENT GIFTS for under $30

Want to have a gift delivered each time you close that sale? Each time to land a client? Each time to hire a new employee?  Just email us their name, date, address and phone by noon and we’ll deliver your cupcakes the next day by 3pm. Customized handwritten messages included. We can even automate the message so it always reads the same. No need to dictate a message each time. See? Easy peasy…


3) AUTOMATE your monthly birthday celebrations within YOUR budget.

Just give us your monthly budget and we’ll deliver cupcakes to your office automatically each month on the day you designate.  The coolest thing about this is since we have a menu that changes monthly, you can get new flavors each month and no one gets bored. Want fresh berries in summer? Check. Want pumpkin and gingerbread in winter? Check. We’ll keep it interesting and easy. One phone call sets it up for as long as you’d like. Done and done…

We can also securely store your credit card information and email your receipts.

Here’s what one client said about our automated staff birthday delivery…

“Our business partnership with Cupcake Jones has been really wonderful for our business!  We’ve set up a quick email one time per month and get exactly what we need delivered right to our office, no hassle!!  It’s quick, easy, reliable and always makes our employees smile and feel like they’ve received something special.” ~Charlotte @ Merrill Lynch

Shoot a quick email to Clara (Clara@cupcakejones.net) asking for an application. Then we’ll get you set up on an automated schedule at your request. We’re here to make this part of your job easy, delicious, and fun!

We can’t wait to make you look good!