February 10th, 2014

Valentine’s Day 2014 Gift Ideas

Now that arcticblastsnowpocalypse 2014 is nearly behind us, it’s time to focus on Friday! It’s Valentine’s Day folks! Don’t let it sneak up on  you. We are here to help… Need ideas? Here we go.


We encourage you to call us and place orders in advance at 503-222-4404. Any size preorder is welcome! As an incentive, if you place your order in advance (by close of business Thursday 2/13), you can pick up your order in our party space and avoid waiting in line! Pre-order  and you’ll thank us later…



Of course, we are offering delivery service. Delivery fees start at $15 for local delivery with no minimum order. How about a dozen Jumbos for your sweetie’s office? Guaranteed delivery by 4:00pm.

(Due to high demand on Valentine’s Day, there will be a $5 convenience fee added to orders that require a specific delivery time window outside of this time frame.)



We will have gorgeous bouquets of flowers from Geranium Lake called “The Red Velvet Bouquet” that you can order in advance and pick up with your cupcakes. There are two sizes for $30 and $50 if you preorder by noon THURSDAY 2/13 (and we can even deliver them with your cupcakes, too!)

We will also have a very limited number of bouquets to sell on Valentine’s Day in our party space at $35 and $55. So it’s best to ‘ll ahead to order for the best price and guaranteed availability!



We have two gift box options available as a great add on to your order. The first option is also in very limited supply. These hand made gift boxes fit one Jumbo Cupcake. Box with one jumbo, red ribbon and an enclosure card for $8


The second gift box option is this adorable box for one  jumbo with heart shaped cutouts on the top and side. $6 with one jumbo, red ribbon and an enclosure card  included.



Add on a bouquet of balloons, too! $12 for six balloons! Also available for delivery with cupcakes. How fun!



Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! We can’t wait to see you! Give us a call….

~Lisa and Peter and the Cupcake Jones Family

Photo Credit: Marty Davis

Photo Credit: Marty Davis